GEORGE CARLIN – It’s Bad For Ya – Audio CD


GEORGE CARLIN – It’s Bad For Ya – Audio CD

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For more than five decades, the multi-award-winning comedian George Carlin used his razor sharp humor to point out hypocrisy in people’s actions and words. And now, It’s Bad For Ya, Carlin’s last recorded concert from March 2008 makes its CD debut on Eardrum Records on July 29th. Eardrum Records was launched as a record label by Carlin 1986 to re-master and re-issue his back catalog on compact disc as well as release all of the subsequent recordings by the comedian. Eardrum Records is manufactured and distributed exclusively by It’s Bad For Ya features Carlin’s noted irreverent observations on such taboo subjects as religion, death, patriotism and big business, as well as pungent examinations of modern language and the “decrepit state of the American culture.” Carlin said of this CD release, “Doing new stuff is a point of pride with me. People may not consider it so, but stand-up comedy is one of the performing arts, and artists are supposed to grow and evolve over time. Through the years, my technique has sharpened, my writing has improved and even my observations have grown richer.” Proud of the fact that every two years he came with a new hour of material, Carlin continued, “I can’t do old material; I would feel like a failure. Essentially, this job is that of a writer, but a writer who doesn’t produce new work all the time is not a writer – he’s a typist.” In all, Carlin has released 22 solo albums (18 stand-up albums and 4 audio books), which have been nominated for Grammy Awards ten times and taken home the coveted prize four times. In 1972, a recording contract led to the release of “FM” & “AM,” an album that went Gold, the first of four successive Gold albums that Carlin recorded during the first half of the 1970’s. As further proof of Carlin’s continuous ability to push the comic envelope and make audiences laugh and think; he starred in an unprecedented 14 HBO specials spanning four decades.

Track Listings:

1. Opening

2. Old Fuck

3. Goin’ Through My Address Book

4. Things We Say When People Die

5. He’s Smiling Down

6. Parents in Hell

7. People Refuse To Be Realistic

8. Dead Parents Helping

9. A Couple of Other Questions

10. Today’s Professional Parents

11. The Self-Esteem Movement

12. Every Child is Special

13. Children Are Our Future

14. Raisin’ A Child Is Not Difficult

15. I Like People 16. Stupid Bullshit

17. Stupid Bullshit On The Phone

18. What A Phone Call Should Be

19. In A Coma

20. Their Kids!

21. They Want To Show You The Pictures

22. Just Enough Bullshit

23. No One Questions Things

24. Proud To Be An American

25. God Bless America

26. Takin’ Off Yer Hat

27. Swearing On The Bible

28. You Have No Rights

Total Running Time: 67 minutes