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George Carlin – Napalm & Silly Putty – Audio CD


George Carlin – Napalm & Silly Putty – Audio CD

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This is the CD version of George Carlin’s newest and funniest book yet. If you enjoyed reading or listening to Braindroppings, his first book/CD (and if you haven’t, pick it up immediately here at you will absolutely flip, roll on the floor laughing, wet your pants, pull a groin muscle, over this brilliant CD. If you love to laugh out loud while you’re wearing headphones on a crowded bus, this CD is a must have. If you like Carlin, you’ll also love his new CD Carlin On Comedy, on which George shares all of his knowledge of Stand-Up Comedy in a funny and informative way.

Sample Tracks:

A Fussy Eater

The Last Meal