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George Carlin – Napalm & Silly Putty Paperback


George Carlin – Napalm & Silly Putty Paperback

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Paperback version of the best-selling book! In the expression “topsy-turvy,” what exactly is meant by “turvy”? George Carlin asks many more nonsensical questions like that one in the 256 pages of this new hardcover collection of mockery. If you’ve read his first book, Braindroppings (and if you haven’t, buy it immediately) you’re going to devour this new collection of Carlin-isms. Buy it now or be forced to hear your friends quoting jokes they’ve stolen from this masterpiece. Audio CD also available. If you like Carlin, you’ll also love his new CD Carlin On Comedy, on which George shares all of his knowledge of Stand-Up Comedy in a funny and informative way.