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Raunchiest Bar-room Songs – Audio CD


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DICK GRANDE AND THE DIRTY DANGLERS “RAUNCHIEST BARROOM SONGS” After 30 years of biker bars, stripper clubs and seedy roadhouses, the raunchy barroom songs of Dick Grande have emerged as beloved anthems of barflies and truckers all over the world. What’s surprising is the underground swell of bootlegged copies that have popped up in panty drawers of upper-class housewives and the demurest of debutantes. Not only have these insidious ditties infiltrated the common man but have also reached the pinnacle of political culture. After a member of Clinton’s secret service slipped him a copy, he was heard humming “Don’t Leave Her Lipstick on Your Dipstick” in the halls of Congress on several occasions. Track Listings: She Came Like A Racehorse Don’t Leave Her Lipstick on Your Dipstick Balls, Balls, Balls A Foot Long Dog Hang Low Sweet Johnny Brown Don’t Take Your Member for Granted To Put It In Kraponyew She Would Prefer to Wear Gloves Size Really Matters (featuring Virginia Ham) The Nipples of Sarah Sarong