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Dick Gregory – IN LIVING BLACK & WHITE – CD Audio

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1 Congo Daily Tribune 2 Comedians of the ’60s 3 Commentary on Affairs Political 4 Thoughts on Outer Space 5 100 Proof 6 Middle East 7 Not Poor — Just Busted 8 50,000 Ft. — And No Insurance Dick Gregory was one of the first black comedians to break through to the white audience, and this first album shows the uneasy relationship between Gregory and his audience — though good-natured enough, Gregory plays up the racial divide for laughs, contrasting Mississippi with the Congo and joking about voting several times in the previous election to make up for not being able to vote at all before that. Each bit is introduced by a narrator, which gives the album a bit of a documentary feel, and which could almost be considered insulting. Though Gregory hasn’t really hit his stride as a political commentator on In Living Black and White, there are definitely glimpses here of what was to come. ~ Sean Carruthers, All Music Guide