Phil Austin – Roller Maidens From Outer Space – Audio CD


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Roller Maidens from Outer Space is the solo project of the Firesign Theatre’s Phil Austin. Produced in 1974 for Epic Records, it is one long story – a strange and surreal story – featuring four authentic country songs played authentically by authentic studio musicians and a cast of talented voice actors headed by the quite talented Firesign Theatre itself. What could be wrong with this? Detective Nick Private (Private Dick) slugs his way into the television itself, grappling with Evil from channel to channel in the thrilling days before cable, when men were restricted to only a few channels and the whole TV disappeared by two in the morning. Religion raged and babes with wheels on their high heels pushed and shoved, oil mixed with Watergate and sex reared itself up and onto the airwaves.

It was the Seventies, dude. You had to be there.

1. Lord Jim Crappington

2. C’mon Jesus

3. Carhook

4. The Regular and Ethyl Show

5. Switchblade Pitchforks

6. The John Fresno Story

7. The Bad News

8. TV

9. Celebrity Roller Rassling

10. A Square Dance 11. Dick Private’s Personal Peril

12. The Thrilling End