Giants of Comedy- 4 CD Collectors Set-Milton Berle,Jonathan Winters,Phyllis Diller,and Henny Youngman


Giants of Comedy – 4 CD Holiday Gift Set – CD – AUDIO ONLY

Product Description

4 CD’s included in set:
JONATHAN WINTERS – STUFF N NONSENSE – If you like to laugh for hours and hours this very special recording is for you. Buy it now, stick it in your CD player and laugh at the crazy antics of America’s best improviser. Jonathan recorded this album in the 60’s and for the first time is now available on CD. A comedy giant who’s talent shines on this very funny CD. Rated G.

PHYLLIS DILLER – LIVE FROM LOS ANGELES. This all new CD from Phyllis Diller is a doosey. The ‘Queen of the Cackle’ is at it again in this live performance recorded last year. Phyllis lampoons and lambastes everything and everyone from Fang to her lovely self. Just released on Laugh.Com Records this CD contains a classic recording of the funniest lady on the planet. Rated G.

MILTON BERLE – THE FUNNIEST ROASTS OF THE CENTURY – VOL 1. Comedy legends Milton Berle, Pat McCormick, Slappy White, Pat Buttram, Jackie Vernon, Henny Youngman, and Dick Shawn roast some of the biggest stars in show business. Find out what goes on behind closed doors at those infamous “celebrity roasts”. Now for the first time ever, you have a front row seat, and listen as the greatest “roastmaster” of them all, Milton Berle, delivers his unique brand of stinging one-liners to some of the most famous people in comedy. The “stage roast” was a tradition in show business as a means to raise money for worthwhile charities. Tickets were available only to members of show business private clubs and their guests, and would cost as much as $250.00 each. The comedians and stars would allow themselves to be torn to shreds, with the most explicit language ever heard. Over the years, millions of dollars were raised and donated to hospitals, underprivileged children’s organizations, senior citizen homes, and many other charities. No women were allowed to attend these affairs during the time period that these events took place, as the material was considered too offensive for delicate ears.

HENNY YOUNGMAN – HIMSELF Responsible for the most popular one-liner in history, “Take my wife …please”; Henny’s rapid-fire delivery was admired by comedians and audiences for seventy years. This CD is jam packed with all of his classic jokes.