The Laurel or Hardy Collection – DVD


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This 5 DVD set spans more than 40 years in the lives of Arthur Stanley Jefferson and Oliver “BABE” Hardy

Disc 1: STAN LAUREL AND “BABE” HARDY STARTING OUT early films, such as Oliver Hardy with Chaplin imitator Billy West in The Hobo and The Rogue and with Charley Chase in Her Newar Sighted Father. Stan Laurel in Mixed Nuts, Just Rambling Along, White Wings and Franuds and Frenzies

Disc 2: Oliver Hardy:The Larry Semon Story: Oliver Hardy joins Larry Semon in The Bellboy, The SawMill, The Babery, Golf, Her Boyfriend and Kid Speed Disc 3: Stan Laurel Solo: Stan Laurel stars in Mud And Sand, Smithy, The Soilers, Pick And Shovel, West of Hot Dog and Kill Or Cure Disc 4:Oliver Hardy Supporting Roles: Oliver Hardy joins Bobby Ray in Hop To It, Bellhop and Stick Around, Clyde Cook in Should Sailors Marry? and Charley Chase in Isn’t Life Terrible?Long Fliv The King and Crazy Like A Fox Disc 5:Laurel and Hardy Just Prior to Teaming: More shorts inlcluding The Sleuth, Thundering Fleas, Crazy To Act, Dr Pyckle and Mr Pride, Wandering Papas,Forty Five Minutes From Hollywood and Chasing the Clowns