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Jeff Wayne – RIGHT FROM THE START! – CD Audio


Jeff Wayne – RIGHT FROM THE START! – CD Audio

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“Big Daddy” Jeff Wayne has a new CD, his fifth nationally released and it promises to be his most hilarious! Title Right From The Start, this CD makes no bones about it! Pro Gun, Pro God, Pro Death Penalty, Pro Nukes, America First, it is a right wing whacko’s dream come true! Jeff Wayne is one of the busiest comedians in the industry today, headlining comedy clubs all over the world. He has been on many TV shows, and takes pride in the fact even liberals find him funny. As Alan Colmes, the Liberal half of Hannity and Colmes said,”I hate your ideas, but I love your Comedy”! For more information check out 1. WHITE TRASH 2. BILL AND HILLARY… 3. MY SON WANTS TO BE A BLACK RAPPER! 4. LIB-SPEAK 5. GUNS 6. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT running time approx; 55 minutes