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John Valby – Dr. Dirtys Sphincter: Unplugged – Audio CD


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Product Description

In this all new CD, the master of musical parody, John Valby pulls out all the stops and most of the plugs. Dr. Dirty treats us to his funniest CD yet in this destined to be a classic recording. If you love Valby, and who doesn’t, order this CD immediately and laugh your ass off.

Tracks: Beauty And The Beast Just The Two Of Us Titanic Track Listings: 1. Just The Two Of Us 2. It’s Impossible 3. Always A Woman 4. Supercalifragillistic 5. In My Bunghole 6. Purple People Eater 7. Beauty And The Beast 8. Be My Guest 9. Chim-Chiminee 10. Bippity Boppity 11. Torn Between Two Lovers 12. Candle In The Wind 13. American Pie 14. Titanic 15. Where Do I Begin? 16. Who Gives A Fuck 17. Skeeter 18. Ya Ya 19. Gangbang 20. Writing Session