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John Valby – Scratch n Sniff – Audio CD


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John Valby is a giant in the comedy world. Millions of fans have seen his live shows and swears he is the real deal. This CD is a fine example of Dr. Dirty’s cool songs and comedy talent. Sample Tracks: The Addams Family Audio Enema Beverly Hillbillies Contents: 1. If I Only 2. Hillary and Bill 3. Joy to the Girls 4. Somebody Snitched 5. The Most Famous Races 6. 16 Tons 7. Wabash Cannonball 8. Who Gives a Fuck (O.J.) 9. The Stripper 10. Addams Family 11. Beverly Hillbillies 12. Brady Bunch 13. Red Light Lounge 14. Ya-Ya (43) 15. Big Butt Boogie 16. Audio Enema