Jonathan Winters…Wings it! CD-AUDIO


Jonathan Winters…Wings it! CD – AUDIO ONLY

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If you like to laugh for hours and hours this very special recording is for you. Buy it now, stick it in your CD player and laugh at the crazy antics of America’s best improviser. This album was first released on vinyl in 1969. This is its first release on CD anywhere. It’s not available in stores, nor on Amazon or other places like that. is committed to preserving classic comedy for future generations, and your purchase of this CD will support our efforts.

1. Necking in a ’38 Ford (5:04)

2. The Deer Hunter (4:09)

3. The Shy Guy Returns A Toaster (3:23)

4. King Kwazi- of Kawzi Land (4:12)

5. Japanese Gardner (2:16)

6. Audience Improvisation (13:13) Maude Frickert on the freeway,the traffic cop,the used card salesman,the sports reporter and bombing,man on the phone, the health club, the student and the professor, the wedding night, the hippie haricut

7. Maude Frickert Explains the Birds and The Bees (4:09)

8.Sound Improvisations (3:12)

9.Closing (1:16)