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Katt Williams – IT’S PIMPIN’ PIMPIN’ – CD Audio


Katt Williams – IT’S PIMPIN’ PIMPIN’ – CD Audio

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This pimp be funny! Review: CDuniverse: It’s rare that an entertainer can exit at the top of his game. While Katt Williams may not have been the apex of togetherness at the end of 2008 (Williams retired from the stage after a breakdown-style series of no-shows and arrests), his final … Full Descriptionact, as captured on IT’S PIMPIN’ PIMPIN’, is raucous observational comedy worthy of George Carlin or Richard Pryor at their best. Williams starts his set with a torrent of scattershot observations about politics (it was 2008, after all), and at a frenetic pace whips through drugs, love, haters, success, and the like. Although it’s familiar territory, Williams is blessed with a Steve Martin-esque sense of comedic space, and a keen perspective on the absurd and the human condition. When Williams suddenly takes off the pimp mask on the final track with a vulnerable, hilarious bit on his lifelong quest for a motorcycle (“sometimes stuff doesn’t work out as you plan”), it’s disarming, startling, a supremely satisfying ending to a stand-up’s swan song