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The Official Dirty Joke Book – E-book


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The Official Dirty Joke Book

– E-book

The Official DIRTY Joke Book, by Larry Wilde. The latest e-book release in The Larry Wilde Joke Book Series by! Please buy it!


It is possible to be dirty (sort of) and funny (hilarious, yet) at the same time. Of course, what’s mildly risqué to one person may be bawdily offensive to another individual. That’s the funny thing about humor. And Larry Wilde is that rare genius of a comedian who can hit you with an ethnic, political, religious, or sexy punch line and make it a funny experience.

This collection of naughty humor ranges from the gentle rib-tickler to what we feel is wildly hysterical. The theme is, of course, off-color jokes your maiden aunt would swoon from stories they crack up with in the locker room. But all guaranteed to prompt a laugh. Just open this book to any page and see if you can resist!

Collected and compiled by Larry Wilde, author of over 50 joke books that have sold more than twelve million copies. See why The New York Times has dubbed him; “America’s Best Selling Humorist”.

THE OFFICIAL DIRTY JOKE BOOK – Guaranteed to make you laugh