The Official Sports Maniacs Joke Book – E-book


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The Official Sports Maniacs Joke Book – E-book

The Official Sports Maniacs Book, by Larry Wilde. The latest e-book release in The Larry Wilde Joke Book Series by!

This collection of anecdotes, one-liners, stories, jokes and quips is for people who love sports. Not passively but passionately, fervently, fiercely. We’re talking red-hot, true blue, totally committed, hard-core, fiery fanatics!

For this very special breed there is also this important recent development:

A new organization has been formed called Athletics Anonymous. When you get the urge to play golf, baseball or any other game involving physical activity, they send somebody over to drink with you until the urge passes.

But until they get to the house, why not enjoy a few funnies? After all, even sports maniacs like to laugh.

Collected and compiled by Larry Wilde, author of over 50 joke books that have sold more than twelve million copies. See why The New York Times has dubbed him; “America’s Best Selling Humorist”.