The Official Virgins Joke Book – E-book


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The Official Virgins Joke Book – E-book

The first male and female astronauts land on Mars and discover there is life. A group of Martians show the astronauts all the advance techniques on the planet, finally arriving at a plant where babies are made. A piece of dough is shaped like a little girl or boy, placed on a conveyor belt and sent through an incubator. Ten minutes later, out comes an infant.

“We make babies differently on earth,” said the female astronaut.

“Please show us!” requested a Martian.

The astronauts removed their clothes and had intercourse right before the Martians. When they’d finished, the Martian leader said, “Where’s the baby?”

“That comes in nine months!” explained the girl.

“If it takes nine months,” asked the leader, “why were you in such a hurry there at the end?”



Larry Wilde is a popular nightclub and television comedian who has performed at the major entertainment spots with Debbie Reynolds, Ann-Margret, Wayne Newton, Vikki Carr, Pat Boone and many others.

In addition, Mr. Wilde is frequently seen as an actor on TV in commercials, on talk shows, and on such series as ADAM 12, BARNABY JONES, and THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW.

Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, Larry served two years in the United States Marine Corps and has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami, Florida. His writing credits include articles for professional journals as well as Genesis, TV Guide, Penthouse, Coronet and other popular magazines.

Mr. Wilde is married and resides in Holly­wood, where, between Las Vegas engagements, concert appearances and university lectures, he conducts a class in comedy at UCLA.