The Official Wilde and Dirty Joke Book – E-book


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The Official Wilde and Dirty Joke Book – E-book


You are cordially invited to a Wilde and crazy bash, a five-course feast of humor, served up by the world’s best known jokesmith.

Larry Wilde has scoured his pantry of perversity to concoct the ultimate in rich; raunchy fun.

Pig out on his sublime spread of off-color hors d’oeuvres, spicy one-liners, and hot buttered wisecracks.

From the three-legged streetwalker to the Polish breast-stroke swimmer to the tattooed vice president,” it’s an awesome assortment of Wilde foul-tasty, tart, lewd, and rude (with a dash of’panache).

Find out what millions of readers already know: This Wilde is the wildest!

What’s the difference between a circus and a Las Vegas chorus line?

What’s red and white and comes in a test tube?

How do Polish girls protect themselves from Peeping Toms? What’s an Italian virgin?

Find out in this outrageous compilation of Larry Wilde’s most hilarious gags, jokes, limericks, and tall tales. No minority, majority, or animal is spared. They are all the target of his perverse mind. Read this and see one of America’s largest-selling comics at his wildest and dirtiest (and best)!


-The latest e-book release in The Larry Wilde Joke Book Series by!

This collection of anecdotes, one-liners, stories, jokes and quips is for people who just aren’t all there. Not passively but passionately, fervently, fiercely. We’re talking red-hot, true blue, totally committed, hard-core, fiery Wild!