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Dick Van Dyke Show – Season 3 – 5 Disc Set – DVD


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The Third season opened with the landmark “That’s My Boy” about Rob’s fear that he’s brought the wrong baby home from the hospital. Also among the seasons 31 episodes are the hilarious “October Eve” with Laura mortified when a nude portrait of her surfaces in a New York gallery and “Big Max Calvada” in which a gangster muscles Rob, Buddy and Sally into writing a comedy routine for his nephew. Plus many bonus features including a full length episode of the Danny Thomas Show featuring Morey Amsterdam (Buddy).

Side #1 — Disc 1- That’s My Boy??

Featuring Audio Commentary By Carl and Dick

Opening Titles

The Wrong Baby

Chaotic Checkout

Meet the Peters

Tag Scene

End Credits

The Masterpiece

Opening Titles

The Thing

Costly Gestures

A Good Painting

Tag Scene

End Credits

Laura’s Little Lie

Opening Titles

All Knotted-Up

Laura’s Disappearing Act

A Nervous Nut

Marriage and a Movie

End Credits

Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice

Opening Titles

A Special Affair

Prenuptial Argument

Mismated Souls

Tag Scene

End Credits

Uncle George

Opening Titles

A Mission for Rob

The Wrong Woman

How to Tell

Tag Scene

End Credits

Too Many Stars

Opening Titles She Did it Again Stiff Competition A Tough Decision Tag Scene End Credits Who and Where Was Antonio Stradivarius? Opening Titles Writer’s Block Sergeant Stradivarius An Unforgettable Night Tag Scene End Credits

Side #2 — Disc 2 Big Max Calvada Opening Titles Big Max Visits An Offer They Can’t Refuse The Diamond Club Tag Scene End Credits The Ballad of the Betty Lou Opening Titles Warned By the Wives Smooth Sailing So Far Mutiny on the Betty Lou Tag Scene End Credits Turtles, Ties and Toreadors Opening Titles Much-Needed Help Maria’s First Day Hidden Talent Tag Scene End Credits The Sound of the Trumpets of Conscience Falls Deafly on a Brain That Holds its Ears…Or Something Like That! Opening Titles 1 of 8 Million Rob’s Civic Duty More Witnessing Tag Scene End Credits The Third One From the Left Opening Titles One Grateful Dancer Schoolgirl Crush Laura’s Advice Tag Scene End Credits The Alan Brady Show Presents Opening Titles Special Show Idea A Christmas Party More Yuletide Cheer Fine Musicians End Credits

Side #3 — Disc 3 My Husband Is the Best One Opening Titles Two Lunch Dates One Proud Wife Disgruntled Co-Workers Tag Scene End Credits Happy Birthday and Too Many More Opening Titles Party Planning Almost the Thing to Do Robo the Clown End Credits Tag Scene The Lady and the Tiger and the Lawyer Opening Titles The Lawyer The Lady The Tiger Tag Scene End Credits The Life and Love of Joe Coogan Opening Titles The 19th Green Love Notes Father Coogan Tag Scene End Credits A Nice, Friendly Game of Cards Opening Titles A Not-So-Friendly Scene Lucky Streak Cheating to Lose Tag Scene End Credits The Brave and the Backache Opening Titles Another Lake Invitation Rob’s Back Subconsciously Speaking Tag Scene End Credits The Pen Is Mightier Than the Mouth Opening Titles A Pleasant Surprise Sally’s Encore Resident Celebrity Tag Scene End Credits

Side #4 — Disc 4 My Part-Time Wife Opening Titles Help Wanted The Search Continues Too Perfect Tag Scene End Credits Honeymoons Are for the Lucky Opening Titles A Chapter on Honeymoons Operaton Lake View Lodge Honeymoon With Bambi Tag Scene End Credits How to Spank a Star Opening Titles New Producer Petrie the Pushover A Changed Man Tag Scene End Credits The Plots Thicken Opening Titles The Final Toast Messy Plots Burying the Issue Tag Scene End Credits Scratch My Car and Die Opening Titles Rob’s Tarantula Carpool Day Detecting Imperfections Tag Scene End Credits The Return of Edwin Carp Opening Titles Radio on Television The Guests A Slight Problem Tag Scene End Credits

Side #5 — Disc 5 October Eve Featuring Audio Commentary By Carl and Dick Opening Titles Sally’s Discovery An Intimate Portrait Get the Picture Tag Scene End Credits Dear Mrs. Petrie, You Husband Is in Jail Opening Titles Behind Bars Home Alone The Blue Bunny Tag Scene End Credits My Neighbor’s Husband’s Other Life Opening Titles Poor Millie The White Peacock Helping Helper Tag Scene End Credits I’d Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at All Opening Titles Rob in Distress Erwin’s Elixir A Head of Something Tag Scene End Credits Teacher’s Petrie Opening Titles Creative Writing Family Jealously Ulterior Motive Tag Scene End Credits My Two Showoffs and Me Opening Titles A Disturbing Call Overruling Rob Just an Ordinary Day Tag Scene End Credits