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Frank Caliendo, Rob Cantrell, Alonzo Bodden, Bonnie McFarlane,Gary Gulman Review from I’ve watched movies made from the National Lampoon crew for years now and I love them. But now I got to listen to a National Lampoon CD feature 5 comedians. The 5 comedians consist of Frank Caliendo, Rob Cantrell, Alonzo Bodden, Bonnie McFarlane, and Gary Gulman. Out of these 5 comedians the only one that I have heard of is Frank Caliendo and out of these 5 comedians he was the least funniest of them all. With being the least funniest of the group I will start with him first. Frank Coliendo is not really on the CD as one of the featured comedians but he opens the show and introduces the other 4. But because he does a skit at the beginning I have to talk about his routine. Not really sure how much I can say about his rountine other than it was dry and boring. It was easy to hear the audiance experiencing the same thoughts as I was. His whole routine was short and was really only him doing the impersonations. Granted the man can do a great impersonation but something was lacking from his opening. The only thing I could think of for why he wasn’t that funny is that he might not have wanted to be there that night or he was just feeling bad because Frank Coliendo just wasn’t funny. Opening the act for real is Rob Cantrell seemed to be taking his cue from Frank Coliendo. Though he had a few times that he was funnier than Frank Coliendo but not by much. Most of his jokes were ones that myself and friends of mine have made already so hearing them from someone else on a CD just wasn’t as funny as being there in the moment of the joke. It almost seemed like his jokes were a one liner that turned into a two liner but just a little lame. The second comedian is Alonzo Bodden. Now this man is funny. His jokes were a wide variety and fresh but more importantly they made me laugh out loud. His routine was quick moving and made wanting more when he was finished. What makes him funny, well like I said he was moving his jokes along without seeming to wait for the laughs. Plus he seemed to find himself funny. If you can’t make yourself laugh then how can you make others laugh? Well, this is what I think Alonzo Bodden does and that is why I was laughing, just a funny man. Following Alonzo Bodden is Bonnie McFarlane. I think her jokes would be a lot more funny if she wasn’t so mellow with her voice. She seemed liked she was bored. By the time she was finished I wasn’t laughing that much. Sure she made me chuckle but she didn’t make me laugh out loud. And last of them is Gary Gulman. I think what happened on this CD is that they spaced out the 2 really good comedians with the so/so ones between them. Again I was left with wanting more when Gary Gulman was finished with his routine. Another thing that I found similar with Alonzo Bodden and Gary Gulman is that he also had a quick moving routine and had energy in his jokes. Overall, the CD is pretty good, even with the so/so routines from the comedians I still was laughing. I might not have laughed so hard that tears were coming out of my eyes but I chuckle throughout the whole thing and at times was laughing pretty hard. Is this CD good enough to listen to more than once? Yes it is. These comedians are funny enough to make you laugh and are good enough that if after a few months you want to have another laugh again you can pull this CD out and give it another listen, I know I will be.