Great Comedians Talk About Comedy – E-book


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Great Comedians Talk About Comedy – E-book

This volume presents seventeen of the funniest people of the 20th Century talking about how they make people laugh.

Each engaging interview was painstakingly elicited by the author, who spent years researching collecting the material and recording these intimate one-on-one conversations.

Not merely for comedy aficionados, this is a book for ALL those who:

– Love to laugh and for those who want a good, entertaining read;

– Are curious about what makes top comedy performers tick, and the secrets behind their timeless wisdom and appeal;

– Would like insight into comedy techniques and sound philosophies that can inspire and benefit everyone in every walk of life;

– Aspire to careers in comedy or as professional speakers, as well as toastmasters, managers, business executives, clergy, civic leaders, lawyers – all who must interact with the public.

Here is a fascinating compendium of life lessons, wit, motivation and inspiration that can be used to revitalize our own lives and careers.


“America’s Best-Selling Humorist”

-The New York Times


“This fascinating, penetrating and information-packed book constitutes an anatomy of the art of creating laughter – as it has been done by the masters.”

-Miami Herald


“Wilde has extracted the cream of comedy concepts from the top comedians and turned them into a classic collection of interviews.”

-Chicago Tribune


“An ambitious undertaking… the first written attempt to gain some insight into the technical aspects of humor right from the mouths of the celebrated jesters who specialize in it. A real prize.”

-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“The stars of Wilde’s cast provide invaluable information on the serious business of getting laughs. This could be the bible of comedy.”

-San Jose Mercury News


“A great source for the aspiring comedian, those who speak before the public and a must for all those who love humor.”

-Philadelphia Daily News


“Wilde has generated insights that will serve to guide all those who are fascinated by the mysteries and mechanics of humor.”

-San Francisco Examiner


“…intelligent actors, some of them even have genius, and what they reveal is pure gold.”

-Hollywood Reporter


“These are some of the observations – flip, serious, perceptive, obtuse – you’ll run across in Larry Wilde’s collection of disarmingly direct and candid interviews.”

-Los Angeles Times


“A most informative book… Wilde has immortalized all the top comedians.”

-Las Vegas Sun


“Funny, informative, inspirational. An eye-opening look into the minds and hearts of the great laughmakers.”

-San Diego Times-Union

Great Comedians Talk About Comedy – By Larry Wilde