Jerry Lewis On Comedy – Digital Download


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Jerry Lewis On Comedy – Digital Download

Hey Laaaaaaaaaaadyyyyyyyy!!! This guy has credentials. Jerry was half of the most successful comedy team in history. He signed the biggest movie contract of it’s kind at Paramount Pictures when the team broke up. Learn the art of comedy from the master. Jerry’s insights into comedy are astounding!

This album is also available on CD.  Click on link at the bottom of this page.


1. The Early Years …4:40

2. Being Funny and Funny Men… 3:45

3. Serious Business …5:18

4. The Magic …4:25

5. Acting and Observations …3:37

6. Comedy and Pain …6:09

7. Comic vs. Comedian …1:59

8. Technique vs. Training …5:59

9. Film and TV …1:29

10. Comedy and Drama… 3:15

11. Writing and Directing… 3:25

12. Critics …2:29

13. Authority Figure …1:22

14. Jerry’s TV Show… 1:27

15. Advice… 1:50

Also Available As A Audio CD.

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