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A very rare interview with a pioneer in TV comedy. One of the greatest comedians of our time tells his story to Kelly Carlin about his life and times in Comedy. This two CD set contains some beautiful insights from Sid Caesar Track Listings: Disc One: 1. Introduction/Family Influences 2. Funny in School 3. Start in Show business 4. Mining Sketches/Routines/Music Ability/Phrasing 5. Mind Ready Sketch/Making People Laugh/Being a Musician 6. Transition to Comedy from the Coast Guard 7. Transition into TV 8. The TV experience 9. Process of Writing Disc Two: 1. Joy of Performing 2. Courage and Fearlessness 3. Young Comics/Importance of Comedy 4. What Makes You Laugh?/Comedy and Tragedy 5. Advice/History/Contribution to Comedy