Funniest Roasts Of The Century Vol.2 – Audio CD


Product Description

Mostly the same comedians as in the Vol.1 CD, plus Rich Little and Norm Crosby get even funnier and filthier. Laugh it up!

What’s on this hysterical CD:

Milton Berle:Roasts Weight-Lifting Star

Pat Buttram: Roasting Rich Little

Pat McCormick: Roasting Rich Little

Rich Little: Roasting His Roasters

Slappy White: Roasts a Friend

The “stage roast” was a tradition in show business as a means to raise money for worthwhile charities. Tickets were available only to members of show business private clubs and their guests, and would cost as much as $250.00 each. The comedians and stars would allow themselves to be torn to shreds, with the most explicit language ever heard. Over the years, millions of dollars were raised and donated to hospitals, underprivileged children’s organizations, senior citizen homes, and many other charities. No women were allowed to attend these affairs during the time period that these events took place, as the material was considered too offensive for delicate ears.