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Product Description

Below is a brief summary of all of the episodes you will get in this set.

1. “Crossed Swords”- When Lamont buys a valuable porcelain statue for $15.00, he auctions it off to make enough money to start his own business.

2. “Happy Birthday, Pop”- Lamont tries to make Fred’s sixty-fifth birthday special, but it’s not going to be easy to please his dad.

3. “Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride”- It’s Lamont’s wedding day and he’s left at the altar by his bride, who has cold feet. The family gets together back at the house for a “reception,” where the main topic of conversation is who gets to keep the gifts.

4. “The Copper Caper”- Another one of Lamont’s moneymaking schemes backfires when he and Fred are duped into buying stolen copper.

5. “A Matter of Life and Breath”- Lamont’s plan to get Fred to give up smoking crumbles when he joins him for a free test at the Breath Mobile and receives alarming results.

6. “We Were Robbed”- Fred accidentally knocks over Lamont’s cabinet of valuable collectibles, so he comes up with a story that he was assaulted and robbed.

7. “A Pad for Lamont”- After Fred scares off yet another one of his son’s dates, Lamont decides it’s time for a place of his own. Unfortunately, his new bachelor pad is seeing less action than the now available home of “Ready Freddy.”

8. “The Great Sanford Siege”- For weeks, Fred has been putting bills he can’t pay back into the mailbox. Now he and Lamont are trapped in their house with no heat, no gas, no electricity and an advancing gang of angry bill collectors.

9. “Coffins for Sale”- Lamont sees dollar signs in reselling coffins, but superstitious Fred wants nothing to do with it, sleeping outside until the caskets are sold.

10. “The Barracuda”- Fred decides after 20 years of being a widower, it’s time to get remarried. The news doesn’t make Lamont happy and he makes his feelings known to both Fred and Donna.

11. “TV or Not TV”- Melvin convinces Fred to ask his son for a color TV set, but there’s no money left after Lamont buys a brand new convertible.

12. “The Suitcase Case”- A discarded briefcase containing $70,000 could be the answer to Fred and Lamont’s dreams, but it turns into a nightmare when the crook who lost the money shows up to reclaim it.

13. “Return of the Barracuda”- The marriage of Fred and Donna is back on after they’ve reconciled, but Lamont has a plan to make sure they won’t go through with it.

14. “The Piano Movers”- A rich socialite hires Lamont and Fred to remove his ex-wife’s grand piano from his high-rise apartment.