AESOP’S FABLES The Smothers Brothers Way – Audio CD


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For the first time ever on CD, The Smothers Brothers present AESOP’S FABLES The Smothers Brothers Way.

This CD was recorded specifically for children and is a masterpiece of great work by The Smothers Brothers. All of us at Laugh.Com are very proud to bring our customers this fantastic CD. Children of all ages will love this one.

Track Listings:

1. Overture – Aesop’s Fables Our Way

2. The Greedy Dog

3. A Fox

4. The Boy Cried Wolf

5. A Fly

6. The Dog And The Thief

7. A Worm

8. The Farmer and Sons

9. The Fox and Grapes

10. A Jellyfish

11. The Bird And The Jar

12. A Mosquito

13. The Two Frogs

14. A Car

15. Aesop Knew