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Brian Posehn – LIVE IN: NERD RAGE – Audio CD


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The debut album by Brian is the hilarious observations of a self professed nerd and life long heavy metal fan, at times personal, nasty,dry and absurd. Recorded on the Comedians Of Comedy tour. Tracks 1. Opening/I’m a good friend 2. Dork for thirty years 3. Married life- sorry fat dudes 4. Puppy time 5. Religion’s weird 6. Movie ruiners/ the unholy trilogy 7. Monkey birthday 8. Reunion 9. No dirty magazines 10. Show a little neck 11. Late night TV 12. The news 13. Quitting pot 14. Baby/kitty porn 15. War’s over/new boobs 16. Nerd rage/the mattress story 17. Yelling stuff 18. Metal by Numbers 19. Titannica interview 20. Try Again, Again