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Chaunce Hayden- The Chaunce Hayden Show


Chaunce Hayden – The Chaunce Hayden Show CD – AUDIO ONLY

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Product Description

Chaunce is the well known Howard Stern Show regular. The Chaunce Hayden Show is a best of his internationally popular show. It features some of the rawest and funniest moments from the show. Track Listing: welcome to the chaunce hayden show, jamye vs chaunce round 1, the pee bucket, the pope, jamye vs chaunce round 2, move the dead, sex with snow, gay dave vs chaunce round 1, paralyzed erica part 1, paralyzed erica part 2, jayme vs chaunce round 3, fat chicks, gay dave vs chaunce round 3, lisa lampanelli, drinking pee, the thomas jefferson game, jayme vs chaunce round 4, porno no show.