Eddie Izzard- CIRCLE


Eddie Izzard – Circle – DVD video (region 1)

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running time approx 1 hour 15 minutes “Circle” contains an eighty-minute live performance by Izzard from June, 2000. For those not familiar with Eddie Izzard, he is a british comic who is also a transvestite. His brand of comedy is not the straight joke variety but is rather rapid fire observational humor, jumping from topic to topic and managing to come back and tie everything together. The topics he chooses vary tremendously and include religion, history, the big bang theory, dinosaurs, seals and dolphins and their seeming innate ability to play with balls (asking if perhaps Tigers might actually be good with banjos?), mad cow disease and the Irish / IRA ceasefire. His insights are both erudite and funny and it is hard to watch the show without laughing. A lot. Particularly amusing are Izzard’s discussion and musings with respect to monkeys who use sign language, the Spanish Inquisition, the sounds of the Whales, the cafeteria on the Death Star in Star Wars, and the role of Jesus in comparative religions, to name a few. Also impressive is what is not in Circle – old material. Although Izzard uses a couple familiar accents, he generally does not revisit any of his old material. This makes the fact that he is consistently funny in this show even more impressive. – review from dvdtalk.com