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Joe Rogan – SHINY HAPPY JIHAD – CD audio


Joe Rogan – SHINY HAPPY JIHAD – CD audio

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Tracks: 1. Fear Factor 2. Pot, Jet Packs, And Peace In The Middle East (And Drunk People Yelling S**T On My CD) 3. 72 Virgins 4. Suicide Bombings, Sad Penis, And Big Party Girl Listen Listen 5. J**K Off First, Safe Zone 6. Bisexual Dudes Givin Advice 7. Gay Is Funny, Brokeback Mountain 8. Osama Is Right Out Of A Comic Book And The Terrorist Cell Phone Network 9. Boycotting And People Who LIke Animals MOre Than People, March Of The Penguins 10. Wierd Spots In The Middle 11. Big D**K Pills 12. P***Y Whipped, Best Friends 13. Dumb People Out-Breeding Smart People Explains The Pyramids 14. I Was Raised Catholic, In Search Of Noahs Ark 15. We’re On A Rock Flying Through Space 16. Wesle Snipes, The UFC, And Jim Brown 17. Fear Factor Is Cancelled, Tellmundo, And Mike Goldberg 18. Eddie Bravo, Show Me Your P***Y, And Text Messaging 19. Lady And Her Son, Ex-Boyfriends Are Hungry Wolves