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Otto & George – A Boy And His Log – Audio CD


Otto & George – A Boy And His Log – CD AUDIO ONLY

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The legendary comic ventriloquist and his colorful friend George are synonymous with x- rated comedy.   When Otto & George co-hosted the Porno awards in Las Vegas they were later told that he offended the people in attendance. Now that’s xxxtreme. Otto is a regular closing act at Caroline’s on Broadway, The Riviera in Las Vegas, and every major comedy club in the country. He was a featured performer on Showtime’s “Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen”, Penn & Teller’s TV Specials, The Playboy Channel and HBO. Everyone loves Otto & George, it is not uncommon to see movie, TV, and other nationally known celebrities in the audience of an Otto & George show. One of Otto’s big fans is The King of All Media himself, Howard Stern. As a guest on Howard’s radio and TV show, Otto is masterful in his comments and a favorite of Howard, Robin, and the crew. Otto & George have taken obscenity, relentless verbal assaults, bad taste, and political in correctness to new heights of the comedy world. He makes Sam Kinnison, Richard Pryor, and Lenny Bruce look tame. Once when Otto & George were working in Chicago, comedy genius George Carlin attended Otto’s show, saying that he had heard about Otto for years and just had to make time to come see him. Mr. Carlin later said that the 1 hour ride to see Otto was well worth the trip and that he loved Otto’s work. and bold approach to stand up comedy. Otto is not just going on stage and being vulgar. This is a talented, well-seasoned, polished hysterically funny stand up comedian who just happens to be xxx-rated. Otto and George’s truly tasteless and twisted comedy is a no holds barred show. If you like your comedy completely over the line, this is a must hear CD. Otto & George steal the show in their latest appearance in the feature film “The Aristocrats” which features every major important comedian on the planet.

Track Listing Sample: 1. Nice To Be Here 2. The Bronx 3. Retarded 4. Clean Joke