Scott Sheldon – Tickle – Audio CD


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Scott Sheldon’s music has been described as ‘a drunken meeting between Cole Porter and Tom Lehrer’. This is the music of ‘New Jerseys Comic Songwriter’. His witty, playful songs use the kind of grown-up humor that is more often found on Broadway (or Randy Newman or Steve Goodman albums). Or as Aztec Two-Step put it, “Tom Lehrer, move over!” Scott’s songs have been played regularly on the Dr. Demento show, and will be on the 2003 “Dr. Demento’s Basement Tapes” best-of CD. The songs cover a wide range of the familiar and the absurd: a tongue-in-cheek history of sex (‘It’s All Been Done Before’), the ‘Battle Hymn of the Swiss Army’, Elvis Presley’s long-lost rock-n-roll ode to his refrigerator; even the story of a poor soul who’s ‘the kind of fella who forgets his cerebellum when his pesky genetellum get involved’ (‘Mnemonics’).

Track Listings

1. It’s All Been Done Before

2. The Old Dark Lord of Mordor

3. Lullabye of Broadway

4. Fridge

5. Great Divide

6. The Irish Bachelor Farmer

7. No Remorse

8. Mnemonics

9. Sanctuary

10. Ba Ba Lu!

11. Left Behind

12. Promised Land

13. Jersey Girls

14. Sunday