R. D. Foster

Texas Music Songwriter and Humorist, R.D. Foster, has released a new CD, called Raydeo X. Foster, who is known for his avant-garde style of country music, with underground hits such as Will Barne’s recording of She Ran Off With Buck and The Marijuana Polka, has put together over an hour’s worth of musical comedy. Raydeo X is in your face humor in the form of a fictitious radio station, XTRD – 1369 (X-TURD) and is intended soley for the open minded adult with a bawdy sense of humor who isn’t easily offended. Raydeo X contains sex, violence, semi-naked women, cussing, controlled substances, and some damn good music. Raydeo X is a funny on the edge satire of country music with a rowdy attitude. The CD contains 26 tracks of original songs, outrageous commercials, station breaks, public service announcements, XXX-treme sports, and a DJ. It has been described as “Country & Western on crack.” Raydeo X was written and produced by R.D. Foster and recorded by sound engineer Trina Foster at their Red Dog Ranch Studio in McKinney, Texas. The project included participation of over forty different singers, musicians, and voices in order to get the general diversity of a radio station and took over two years to complete.

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