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Bill Engvall – Here’s Your Sign ReLoaded – Audio CD


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Track Listings:

1.Introduction (:30)

2.I’ve Been Married For Twenty Years (2:42)

3.The Differences In Years (1:41)

4.Getting Old Sucks (2:23)

5.In Vitro (3:59)

6.Boys Have No Discretion (6:11)

7.Jolly Roger Part Boat (3:10)

8.Here’s Your Sig n(5:23)

9.Here’s Your Sign(Don’t Mess With Us) (2:29) musical track

10.Married for Twenty Years (4:02) musical track

11.Here’s Your Sign (Wear It All The Time) (3:35) musical track

12.Here’s Your Sign Christmas(2:28) musical track