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Track Listings: Side A Track 1 The Parable Early Nixon The Inauguration The Economy The Trip Power Politics The Advisors The Southern Strategy The Loyal Opposition Side B Track 2 Public Servant Number 1 The boss Sesame Street The Critics The State of the Union David Frye (born June 1934 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American comedian, specializing in comic imitations of famous political figures – mostly American. Frye is known for his comic depictions of former U.S. Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard M. Nixon, Senators Hubert Humphrey and Bobby Kennedy, as well as film celebrities, e.g., Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, and Jack Palance. However, as eerily accurate and subtle as his impersonations are, the comedic narrative spoken by those depicted is outrageously à propos as well as politically savvy and timely. For example, in one narrative, Frye has newly-elected Nixon and his wife visit the Whitehouse just prior to assuming residency there in 1969. The incumbent Johnson answers the doorbell, oblivious as to the identity of his unannounced visitors, misidentifying them even after introductions have been made: JOHNSON [doorbell] “I’ll get it, Lady Bird! Who’s there?” NIXON “It’s Dick and Pat.” JOHNSON [shouting back information] “It’s Pick ‘n Pat!” And, although there were several notable impressionists working on TV in the sixties and early seventies, it is a truism that Frye’s inventiveness and uniquely perceptive intellect earned him the reputation of possessing a discerning and culturally aware approach to limning those figures at the forefront of American film and politics during that great cultural revolution