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Dobie Maxwell- Mr. Lucky In Kentucky


Dobie Maxwell – Mr. Lucky in Kentucky CD – AUDIO ONLY

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This is “Mr. Lucky’s” very first live CD. His machine gun delivery of some of the funniest material you will ever hear, is all here on this very special recording. A full 45-minute hilarious night with Dobie in Louisville, and a special 5-minute bonus track of Dobie taking on a heckler, and going to the extreme like only he can. If you missed him on the Oprah Winfrey Show, this is your chance to laugh your guts out with the fresh, sharp wit of “Mr. Lucky.” Buy it today, it’s an instant classic! Track Listing: Personal hello from Dobie, Let’s get started,I’m lucky to be here, hometown waitress-Doris The Porkasaurus, You got the money, you got the honey, i love cars, but they dont love me, bust trip opus, anguish with langauge, dead man’s balls, prison on a salad bar violation, outlet malls, church hopping, stupid people soliloquy, good bye, thank you, from Dobie Maxwell, dobie shreds a heckler.