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Track listings:

1. There Ain’t a Chicken Safe in Tennessee

2. The Gal from Possum Holler

3. I Ain’t Got a Worry in the World

4. Little Arrows

5. Divorce

6. What Have You Done For Me Lately

7. I Upped My Income (Up Yours)

8. Cab Driver

9. I Haven’t The Foggiest

10. Pennsylvania Turnpike

11. Like Mother Used to Make

12. You Know a Thousand Ways

Homer and Jethro were the stage names of American country music duo Henry D. Haynes (1920–1971) and Kenneth C. Burns (1920–1989), popular from the 1940s through the 1960s on radio and television for their satirical versions of popular songs. Known as the Thinking Man’s Hillbillies, they received a Grammy in 1959 and are members of the Country Music Hall of Fame.