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Jackie Mason – I’m the Greatest Comedian in the World – Audio CD


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Jackie Mason’s album is almost as fresh today as it was thirty years ago, with some almost Lenny Brucian arguments on sex that were ahead of their time: “Thre’s a double standard about sex. Our father or mother becomes our father or mother. Beautiful. The arrival of a child is celebrated. But how that child was created and arrived is something that is clocked in secrecy. They’re ashamed of it. They thought it was pretty clever when they did it.” Mason’s heavy Jewish accent and comic abrasiveness seemed to turn off critics who considered him more of an annoying Alan King than a satirical Mort Sahl. Jackie’s first album has such a wealth of brilliant material, he even supported part of Don Adam’s act with it. Adams used some gags from this album, including the following, almost verbatim, on his “Live at Las Vegas” disc. But it really fits Mason’s comical blend of self-effacing humility and prickly pseudo-arrogance: “I did a show last week in another place where the act before me was so terrible, that throughout my performance, they kept booing him! They couldn’t forget how lousy he was! Some people even walked out on him while I was still performing!”