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Crank Call Collectors Set- Ned & Manson, The Musacha Tapes, The Jerky Tapes, Bum Bar Bastards


Crank Call Collector’s Set – 4 CD Holiday Gift Set CD – AUDIO ONLY

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Product Description

This is the best selection of Prank Call CD’s anywhere. You could buy these CD’s individually from us and still be ahead of the game, but if you buy the whole set you are saving even more hard earned green. These are the funniest Prank Call CD’s on the planet. Buy this Collectors Set today!

4 CD’s included in the set: The Jerky Boys – The Jerky Tapes This all new collection of crank phone calls by your favorite Jerky Boys characters is the funniest and crankiest yet.

Ned and Manson – Everybody’s Free To Smoke Marijuana After years of producing some of the funniest off the wall comedy on the internet, Ned and Manson have finally wised up and put out their own CD. “Everybody’s Free To Smoke Marijuana”, features classic bits, such as “Sensimilla Street”, Ned Prank Calls, and new take-offs from Eminem to Bill Clinton.

Bum Bar Bastards – Red’s Tube Bar These guys from Jersey City make some of the funniest prank phone calls you’ll ever hear. After listening to this CD, we’ve completely stopped answering our phones. They’re ruthless, caustic and funny as hell.

John Musacha – The Musacha Tapes This CD completes this collection of Prank Call CD’s. This hard to find CD has to be heard to be believed. If you like the other CD’s in this collectors set, you will love the antics of John Musacha.