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Damage Control- SANTA’S CRACK


Damage Control Comedy Crew – SANTA’S CRACK – CD Audio

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THE ORIGIN OF SANTA’S CRACK AND THE AWARD WINNING DAMAGE CONTROL COMEDY CREW In the tradition of The National Lampoon Radio Hour, Kids in the Hall and Saturday Night Live comes the Damage Control Comedy Crew. Growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s me, my friends and perhaps most of my generation were highly influenced by the comedy style of Bill Murray, John Belushi, Chevy Chase and the rest of the cast of the early SNL. Before and during those years on television I would also hear comedy skits on the local radio station. These comedy sketches featured the likes of Christopher Guest, Richard Belzer, Paul Shaffer, Bryan Doyle Murray, and most of the early SNL cast. Somehow I managed to obtain these National Lampoon skits on LP and I listened to them over and over. Needless to say I enjoyed every minute of each record. I even remember spending nights with some of my friends making our own tapes and trying to mimic our heroes. During that time and over the years my friends and I would do some improv and write a few skits. Occasionally we would get together, drink a few beers, actually record some genuinely funny stuff and drink some more beer. You see, the problem was that most of it was very rough and could not be released to the general public in a presentable form. We would look at each other and say “now what”? Not having an answer, we did what we always do, we drank more beer. Then the personal computer came along and changed everything. Now we could actually take these old scripts, record and even edit them together. We could also download nude phots, free music and sewing patterns. Anyway, the result of our time spent between downloads is what you have in your hands (or in your trash can) right now. Our first ever comedy album called “Santa’s Crack.” Now of course you and many others will think that we are just capitalizing on some sacred holiday and trying to make a buck. Well that may be true…actually it is true, but at first we never really intended to make a Christmas album. Everything on this CD sort of came about based on a few improv sessions and a couple of Christmas bits that were written during the holidays (some of which were only funny when we were drunk). At that time, I was simply trying my best to capture the magic of that old Cheech and Chong Christmas sketch in which Santa uses his special dust to make the reindeer fly. Well anyway we tried to capture some of that magic and even though comedy is very subjective, hopefully there is something on this CD that will make you chuckle. And if not, at least you bought it, which is always a good thing. So grab “Santa’s Crack.” open it up and have a ball. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! Sincerely Gene May Damage Control Comedy Crew 1. Radio – Intro 2. Ghetto Mart Holiday 3. Santa Vs Frosty 4. Stomping Good X-mas 5. Radio – Underused Appendages 6. Doctor Rose 7. Sal’s 8. Your Listening To.. 9. Radio – Bear Wrestling 10. Psa – Respect Your Elders 11. Ghetto Mart Kids 12. Santa’s Crack 13. Your Listening To.. 14. Radio – Phone Calls 15. Santa Reloaded 16. Psa – Responsibility 17. Gift Hotline 18. Caroling Abuse 19. Radio – a Nude Christmas Carol 20. Ghetto Mart Garden Center 21. Online Shopping 22. The Job Interview 23. Radio – Freaks 24. Sermon of the Mount 25. Radio Break 26. Ghetto Mart Neighborhood 27. Mac Mass 28. Your Listening To.. 29. Radio – Pj Nickels 30. Psa – Dating 31. Ghetto Mart Mega Center 32. Many Happy Returns 33. Mac Mass Promo 34. Your Listening To.. 35. Radio – X-mas Lighting