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Damage Control Comedy Crew – THE DA VINCI COMMODE – CD Audio Only

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If you like South Park, Dave Chappelle, National Lampoon Radio Hour, Kids in the hall then this CD is for you. Sketch comedy that is an equal opportunity offender. Damage Control Comedy Crew is back with their latest CD. This sketch group has been featured on All Comedy Radio and has cuts playing in Australia and the UK. You can also listen to their weekly radio show at – Now you can download Damage Control comedy video shorts to your Sprint phone! If you like Dave Chappelle, Kids in the Hall, SCTV, SNL, Mad TV, National Lampoon then Damage Control is for you. Sketch comedy that’s funny and politically incorrect. Damage Control members include: Gene May, Martin Brown, Landon Smith, Allen Berrebi, Michelle Walker, Jay Hewlett and Kenn Bradley. Check out “Sack Lickin'” “The Dookie Ball Song” and “hojack” and “famous anus” 1. radio – friday the 13th 2. famous anus 3. ask your doctor 4. hojack 5. homeless history #1 6. radio – turd racing 7. sack lickin’ (song) 8. the da vinci commode 9. wsuk daytona promo 10. radio – the wooden puppet club 11. celestial voice 12. doctor rose fart pads 13. homeless history month #2 14. radio – the fetus photographer 15. the octaginator 16. ebooty 17. radio – singing superhero 18. the dookie ball song 19. harry’s holes 20. homeless history #3 21. radio – religious show 22. holy crap 23. testiment testimonial 24. dog shit quit 25. radio – rib-fest 26. lawyer – i’ll fight for you 27. O.U.T. home gayness test 28. homeless history #4 29. radio – terrorist non-action network 30. the great garboni 31. wsuk plane buiding promo 32. file sharing rant 33. lady glick shaver 34. radio – speed dating 35. nudist insurance 36. celebrity crime plates 37. homeless history #5 38. radio – the big race 39. got no friends (song) 40. radio – middle eastern comic 41. zapp him right 42. homeless aviation 43. radio – goodbye