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David Cross- its not funny


David Cross – It’s Not Funny (explicit content) CD AUDIO ONLY

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Track Listings: Certain Leaders in Government Look Or Act Like Certain Pop Culture Refe (4:51) Women, Please Rinse Off Your Vagina and Anus! (5:10) A Rapid Series of Comical Noises! (3:57) I’ve take a Popular Contemporary Pop Song and Changed the Lyrics to Co (3:16) Although Indigent, Rural Families Have Little to Say in the Matter, The- (2:48) My Child Is Enthralling, Especially When It Says Something Unexpectedly (8:38) My Immigrant Mom Talks Funny! (13:37) When It Comes To Jews, Behavior One Might Perceive as Obnoxious and Anno (6:01) Pandering to the Locals! (7:13) Even Though I Am in the Closet, That Won’t Prevent Me from Getting Chea (2:37)) Weathermen Have Become, For the Most Part, Obsolete! (2:53) When All Is Said and Done, I Am Lonely and Miserable and Barely Able to Mas (12:51)