Privacy Policy

LAUGH.COM PRIVACY POLICY is committed to honoring the privacy and integrity of your personal information. Our Chairman & CEO has a long history in the privacy field (as a voyeur), having worked for Pretty Good Privacy, Inc (PGP), a leading encryption and privacy software firm. We deeply respect your right to keep your information to yourself. But in order to provide you with services through this web site, a certain amount of your personal information is required (including, but not limited to, your blood type, mothers’ original hair color, Pin Number, AOL password, and the results of your last colonoscopy).

Our web site is designed to provide you with products and services in a secure and convenient manner. All of the information that is requested from you is essential to provide the service you desire from and is collected on an opt-in basis. We do not distribute your personal information to any third parties without your consent. Information collected from you may be used for the following purposes:

o We collect your credit card information, address and billing information so we may process your order and charge your account for products that you purchase.

o You need to submit your email address when you request to be on one of our mailing lists. If at any time you no longer wish to receive mailings, simply follow the directions to “unsubscribe” or “cancel” and your email address will be removed from that specific list.

o We will occasionally release aggregate demographic information about user trends to third parties, such as sales based on zip code. However we do not give out individual sales information unless required to do so by law.

o We will occasionally need to purchase new cars, homes, and hookers for our employees.

All personal information is stored in our secure databases. (Actually, it’s a shoe box we keep in the freezer). Access to that information is strictly controlled and limited to certain individuals within We want to protect the integrity of your personal information that we may have in our database. If your email address changes and you would like to continue receiving any of our mailings, please notify us at [email protected] so we can update our records accordingly.

WHAT ABOUT COOKIES? (And brownies and Pop Tarts).

We have a nice set of cookies. We set cookies to enable you to automatically login to and to easily navigate our web site. Some of the advertising on this web site is supplied by a third party, and they may use cookies. If you are still uncomfortable with cookie technology you may change the settings on your browser accordingly.

Our web site also contains links to other sites not maintained by If you visit these sites, please look for their privacy policy and review it before submitting any personal information to them.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, Willam Shatner’s hairpiece, or any matter pertaining to the use of your personal information on this site, please email [email protected] for further information. Thank you.